Low level laser therapy is a form of light therapy (or photobiomodulation) that is a drug free, non-invasive alternative in the treatment of a number of complaints, such as reducing pain and swelling and to help with tissue repair and regeneration. Laser therapy is painless, has a wide dose window and no side effects

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Irradia AB is a Swedish company in the forefront of medical laser design and manufacture. It has been producing quality laser devices for over 30 years. The Irradia MID and MID-LITE laser systems are user friendly, high performance devices designed for health professions, building on the tradition of Swedish quality, durability and reliability. 

Irradia Australia supplies the Irradia MID-LITE and the new MID 2.5 laser to Australasian health professions. We can service and repair lasers in Australia ensuring fast turn-around times. We also offer training and demonstrations of the Irradia laser devices.




We supply Irradia low level medical lasers to health professionals in Australia and New Zealand. These include the MID-LITE portable lasers the MID LASER 2.5 laser system and the new MIDCARE lasers.

What can Laser treat?

Scientific evidence from over 40 years of research has shown that Low Level Laser Therapy is an effective treatment option to reduce pain and swelling and to help with tissue repair and regeneration. Recent studies have shown that laser can also be helpful in a number of conditions, such as headache, skin conditions, ulcers, tendon injuries, dental and TMJ pain and and neuro-degenerative conditions.

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