Manufactured & Developed in Sweden

The new MID LASER 2.5 is one of the most flexible and professional laser systems on the market. The centre of the MID laser system is a base unit which controls either one or two laser handsets (probes) with dual control panels and displays. It has an inbuilt lithium ion battery and so can be used either plugged into a mains outlet or on battery power. There are a variety of laser probes at different wavelengths that can be used with the base unit. The base unit also has a built in output meter so that output strength of the probes can be tested. The MID 2.5 is an easy to use professional medical laser that allows the operator to administer laser light with one or two handsets at the same or different wavelengths, which can shorten treatment time or allow more flexible treatment. The MID 2.5 is designed to deliver state of the art treatment results to reduce pain and inflammation and to promote tissue repair, as well as being easy to learn, safe, and simple to record treatment results.



The MID 2.5 has two laser sockets, so that two similar or different laser handsets can be used simultaneously. When a laser handset (probe) is connected to the base unit, the type of probe is recognised, ready for treatment. Each control panel on the MID 2.5 has four control buttons which control laser energy output to treat conditions from superficial to deep lying. These controls simplify the treatment of different types of conditions. An audible signal indicates when it is time to move to a new treatment point. There are also controls to regulate energy output (apart from 904 nm probes where time must regulated), frequency, number of joules and treatment time. The laser light automatically stops every 10 minutes.


Laser handsets available

- single diode 904 nm Superpulsed (infrared)

- 4 diode 904 nm Superpulsed (infrared)

- 12 diode 904 nm Superpulsed (infrared)

- single diode 808 nm Powerpulsed (infrared)

- single diode 808 nm Powerpulsed (infrared)

- single diode 660 nm Powerpulsed (red light)

- single diode 520 nm Powerpulsed (green light)

- single diode 450nm Powerpulsed (blue light)

Battery specification

Battery type:                    Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 2300 mAh

Capacity:                          2300 mAh

Recharge time:                < 2.5 hours

Battery time stand-by:      >25 hours

Minimum battery time:      2 hours at 2 x 500 mW

Maximum battery time:     >12 hours at 1 x 80 mW

Battery life:                        1000 - 6000 treatment hours

Battery self-discharges:    3 % per mont