Manufactured & Developed in Sweden

The MID-LITE6565 is a portable, easy to use professional medical laser that allows the operator to administer ed laser light to reduce pain, inflammation and to promote healing and tissue repair. The MID-LITE 8080 is designed to deliver state of the art treatment results, to be easy to learn, extremely portable, safe, and simple to keep records.


The device has four different treatment controls that adjust the dosage and treatment time, according to whether the condition intended to be treated issuperficial or deep. The laser apertures are placed in contact with intact normal skin and held in position until a signal is given. The signal informs when to switch treatment point.


- Two power pulsed GaAsInPh 660 nm laser diodes                                                                      

 - Signals can be changed to inform when each 1 Joule has delivered per laser diode        

- Audible signals ("beeps") can be turned off                                                                                  

- Blue light LED’s indicates clearly when the lasers are on                                                              

- Battery status indicates when battery is becoming low                                                          

- Treatment time and dosage is displayed on LCD display                

- Automatic stop of emission every 10 minutes                                                                    

- Key controlled to prevent unauthorized use                                                                                 

 - Battery can be recharged and replaced

Laser specification

Laser type:                    GaAlInPh (aluminium gallium irridium phosphide)

Wavelength:                  660 nm ± 3 nm – red

No of laser diodes:       2 x 660 nm

Bandwidth:                    ±2 nm

Output powers:             25, 50, 75, 100 mW ±10%

Power pulse:                 Up to 300 mW/diode

Battery specification

Battery type:                      Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 2300 mAh

Capacity:                           2300 mAh

Recharge time:                < 2.5 hours

Battery time stand-by:      >25 hours

Minimum battery time:     4 hours at 2x100mW

Maximum battery time:    10 hours at 2x25mW

Battery life:                       2000 - 5000 treatment hours

Battery self-discharges:   3 % per mont